Family Holiday Tradition



 This Blog is for the family, and if you are a friend you are family. Family, I want you to listen to all I have to say. One of my most favorite times of the year is happening right now. It begins with Thanksgiving and ends on January 2. My family was not rich with money to buy traditional things that were expensive and is part of the norm in America for many of my family and friends when it came to shopping. Even though we could not fully participate in the hassle of it all, we had our own traditions that we looked forward to every year. Our family holiday tradition was superb. What made it superb was the celebration of Kwanzaa. Kwanzaa gave my family a reason for the season because we were among the family that was our friends. We enjoyed shopping on Black Friday. We made it our day to buy things geared towards our Kwanzaa celebration that came after Christmas. We shopped at flea markets because we wanted our dollars to go to people who have products, and services to sell but can’t compete with malls and big department stores in getting their products and services known. I always found shopping at flea markets fascinating because there are merchants out there that are selling unusual things that you never saw before kind of like Pinterest. Pinterest reminds me of a flea market the only difference is online. Now, let’s get back to my family's holiday tradition. Kwanzaa has seven principles to go by; my family uses these principles every day to carry us through for financial growth. The seven principles are posted on the photo that is attached to this blog. On Black Friday we use the 4th principle to sustain us with the enjoyment of shopping by spending our dollars with a conscious. The 4th principle is Ujamaa-(OO-Jah-ma) which means cooperative economics. As the holiday progressively moves forward we are gratefully busy preparing for it. While we are shopping we are networking with merchants and vendors who are active in their community we buy necessary goods and services to pull together for the empowerment of the community. Part of our planning is to create gifts together to exchange at our Kwanzaa celebration. Everyone was invited to come to the celebration. We celebrated the holiday at each other houses. Friends of all races, gender, and ages came and felt comfortable enough to volunteer their houses to celebrate from the first on to the seventh day of Kwanzaa. Uniting family and friends was a big blessing to my family because we knew what isolation was which no longer existed for us since we started celebrating Kwanzaa. Celebrating this holiday gave us a sense of belonging. My family was and still is determined to strive for a better tomorrow by empowering others. Shopping for us was a learning experience. Each day we shopped we learned about another business in need of our support in order to grow. As a family, we learned to stay strong in creating have fun doing the work and keep the faith for equal opportunity. Today things have drastically changed. Flea markets are finding its way on the internet and it is convenient. Amazon is the online mall and gets most of the business. Cyber Monday is coming and even though the family is too far away to come together like we use to, I still follow the seven principles and on cyber Monday I hope you will join me in following the principle of cooperative economics to continue empowering for growth and change. I enjoy my craft of creating and designing. Let support each other please visit my website I invite you to place your website in the comments so we can grow together.